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Sunday, 25 March 2012

IMM (21)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme ran by The Story Siren

This is for the last couple of weeks :D 

And last but not least, as this is my favourite arrival, he is sat waiting for me at home, I just haven't been able to open him yet!!! 

This will be my last IMM for a while, as I am currently in the middle of moving and will loose my internet access for a while :( 

But hope to catch up with all you guys once I get it back :D 

Anyho, what's in your mailbox?

Happy reading :D 


  1. Fantastic mailbox, Cassie!!! You've got so many awesome authors here, especially Phoenix, whom I adore. Enjoy all your reads!

  2. Does this mean you're finally going to finish Fever, Cass??? lol

    1. Maybe..... lol, my friend was going to give it to the charity shop, so I thought I would grab it :D

  3. Oehhh Fever! Lol now you have to finish it :D